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Oakwood Machine Works is a small privately owned and operated design, prototyping and production shop. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship while maintaining affordable rates. We are able to design, develop and produce functional prototypes in a relatively short time frame and save our customers money in the process.

We maintain several CNC machines which we selected specifically to answer the needs of customers requiring small mechanical parts in both prototype and production quantities. All equipment has been specifically selected in order to be suit the services we provide. This includes everything from small mills, on up to an automated VMC.


Our goal is to make product development and machining accessible to as many people as possible, without needing the support of large and expensive development houses and engineering teams. We are able to provide this based on years of experience working with other smaller companies, building a large network of various people offering various services. Whether you need stamped parts, anodizing, or machining, we "have a guy".

In addition to all the above, we also have our own line of products that solve some very specific issues pertaining to head mounted thermal and night vision imaging devices. With the introduction of "The Branch", we are bringing to market a J-arm that offers some of the best versatility and durability. We understand these products, while largely used by individuals, may be utilized by first responders or other mission critical roles. We take this very seriously, and are here to ensure the absolute reliability of those products. If you are interested in these products, feel free to contact us for further questions. 

We are proud to offer American ingenuity and skill in everything we do, and do not intend to let our clients down. American manufacturing has been part of what makes us an outstanding and exceptional force, and if we are able to play a part in that role in any capacity, we are honored. 

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