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Oakwood Machine Works is a small privately owned and operated design, prototyping and production shop. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship while maintaining affordable rates. We are able to design, development and produce functional prototypes in a relatively short time frame and save our customers money in the process.

We offer 3D CAD service as well as  3D printing and design support making a simple and efficient process of moving from design to prototype and production for our customers.

We maintain several CNC machines which we selected specifically to answer the needs of customers requiring small mechanical parts in prototype and production quantities. We purchased machining centers based on our clients needs to avoid additional overhead costs.

OMW also fills a special need for customers who require small production runs without the high job shop rates normally associated with low quantity production. This allows them to better control their inventory costs by stocking a smaller number of parts knowing OMW can turn additional parts in a relatively short time frame. For repeat jobs we can build special fixtures specific to the parts allowing us to minimize turn time on the parts. In most cases we provide the CAM service free of charge for repeat jobs to further easing the cost burden of new design start-ups.

In addition to the mills, we also utilize CNC router tables giving us a variety of options to help make decisions for smart and efficient processing of different materials. Should a product require a mix of metals and plastics, composites or other soft materials we can integrate processes increasing convenience and efficient turn times.

We are proud to offer American ingenuity, skill and labor at reasonable rates encouraging the spirit of Made In USA. We look forward to serving our customers and building solid trusting relationships where everyone wins.

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